8/25/97 part 2

Well, our last night in Calgary. Today was neat… We were invited to be

"special guests" at shelybean and echo and skippee’s school. Got

there around 10:30 or so, and looked on at a class of 50 or so grade 3/4s. It

took me back to the old days. We took the hedgehog, and the kids loved it.

We also got to see all the little brats we’ve heard so much about, but, unfortunatly,

missed the tantrums they threw after we left.

Got a book on hedgehogs, had lunch, went to the Calgary Real Estate Board

(for me obviously). It was nice to know that Realtors are as stupid here as

they are at home. Left a resume with Mel (the Computer Services manager there),

and got a tour of the place. Came home, vegged for a bit, then met…

(deep breath), sept, squid, nermal, skipee, echo, and echoman there. What a

cool place! Not at all what I thought it would be like, but instead like a

sitting room in an old house. Books lined the wood shelves on the walls,

everything from classics to the latest computer papers. We didn’t even have a

comptuer where we sat, but instead discussed everything from classic computer

games, what celebraties we’ve seen/met, to just random poking. A good time

was had by all I think… and we finally found out that Mr. Burns’s assistant,

who is… you know… is named Smithers. You’d understand if you were there,

you’d understand.

Anyway, travelling plans: Pam has to work Wednesday afternoon, and apparently

I have to work Wednesday day 🙁 So after a goodbye meeting with

our guests, we’ll be heading back to BC around 10ish. Hopefully we’ll be back

by 10pm BC time. Then I have to work, get my kitten from Pam, get litterbox,

food, etc etc… then go car shopping…. apply for a loan at the bank of mom

and dad (if I see something that is nice but more than what I have) 🙂

Anyway, thankyou Calgary, for a lovely time. We really enjoyed it and haven’t

died yet, so things must be good. We’ll see you all in another couple of


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