Hmm… sleep. While out with her Calgarian friend yesturday, Pam rescued a

small creature from certain death at the hands of a cruel master. The creature

in question, a hedgehog, is very cute and prickely. It is also noisy. Every

half hour or so it would relax enough to not make any noise… the

rest of the time however, (or so it seemed) it was making all sorts of noises

in the little animal carrier that it is living in. I’ll explain all this later

if it doesn’t make any sense… like I said (or maybe I didn’t say), I didn’t

get a lot of sleep last night.

Getting the hedgehog was good, because it gives us something to show the classes

that we are going to see today. Shelybean and echo and skippee (the teachers),

have invited us to their classrooms to be special visitors. It will be an…

interesting day.