"Wasn’t that a party…"

Well, all I can say is I hope that I didn’t embarass myself too much šŸ™‚

A great time was had by all I think though. It was really good to meet

epsilon and sept, and to see Sioneva, squiddy and nermal again. Much beer

was consumed, and I learned the dangers of Sambuca (sp?) shooters (and they

do actually light on fire!) Of course, I was abused by shelybean and echo,

but that is normal.

Today…. well, it’s 6:47am now, and I’m quite awake. I don’t know what time

I went to sleep last night, so I don’t know if I actually got sleep or not…

oh well, I’ll find out when everyone else wakes up in… well, a few hours I’m

sure. Though I do hear solas and echo yapping in the next room.

[Mental note: a video card with a built in tv tuner thingy is very

cool… jakee (shelybean’s SO) has an ATI card, and in the other window I have

the TV going…. nice resolution, no speed degredation or anything… very cool.

Of course, the sound is at almost nil. Not anymore, just changed it.]

Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned, but I’m actually getting money

for my car! Jakee got a message from ICBC saying that they were offering

me $3,463 for my car! (Yay!) This is a very good thing

because I bought it for $3,575 in 1993. Needless to say I’m going car

shopping when I get home!

Thankfully I don’t get hangovers šŸ™‚

Now what the smeg am I going to do until the rest of the house wakes up? We’re

going to the lake today to go hiking and swimming (it’s nice once you get in

I’m told), and Pam is going to visit a friend of hers in Calgary today.

Monday we will finally get to see the famous wired cafe that squiddy and

nermal setup, something else to look forward to.