Forgot to mention last update… I was woken up at 4am the night we left by

a cat on my porch, yowling. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t shut up.

I finally relented and let it in, hoping it would just sleep on my bed and

let me sleep for another half hour or so… but no luck. The stupid thing

wasn’t thirsty, hungry (I tried to feed it cereal), or needing to sleep.

It just kinda wandered around while I got ready for pick up at 6am, then

when Darren and Pam came, I just left him outside, and he seemed to wander off

a little when he realized that I was not staying.

Well, today we went to the zoo. After getting up to watch Saturday morning

cartoons. Went out to lunch, went to the zoo ($9.50!), and all the animals

were either not there, or asleep 🙁

Now there is a big party about to happen, and if I do any more updates I will

be in an inebriated state… so now I’m just waiting for the rest of the

folks to show up (sept, squidnerm, eps, etc).

This is Alan, signing off… see you later!