Joanna Rees Photography

Just a random shout out to Joanna Rees and her photography, who is an old classmate from high school who I (re-)discovered through Facebook. Joanna and I weren’t in the same circles back then, however same as what happened to another old friend of mine, Jason, she’s into photography. This is now another person that

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Friends From Out Of Nowhere

Well tonight was cool, even though the day was busy (got wood out of back yard, helped move baseboards, did some christmas shopping). Iambe and Engel called around 5 and said they were back in town! Of course my first reaction was “come over come over!” with complete disregard for their jet-laggedness or any other

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ScoobyD is Married!

Wow, awsome to see a post on her wedding site to say that she’s a married woman now! Huge congrats to ScoobyD and Jaroc and I can’t wait for the party (the one that doesn’t cost thousands in airfare to get to 🙂

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Fred’s Got a Blog

Fred and Nicole have entered the empty and worthless world of the phenomenon called “blogging”. Yay! Fred is of course, the driving force behind the mass of TDI freaks over at and keeping me in hardware and bandwidth.

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Happy Birthday Engel

My good buddy Engel, though he may be on the other side of the continent right now, is having a birthday today. My best wishes for the best day my friend. Happy Birthday! Having your wife come home the day before (or day before the day before) your birthday must be one of those scary

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