XKCD Recreates Real Life once Again

OMG I have so had this conversation more than a few times with other geeks… normally it goes something like this:

  • [Random reference to some technology, such as a programming IDE]

  • Yea, well back in my day we didn’t have no steeking IDE, we used EMACS and were happy with it!

  • Oh yea, well back in my day we had VIM

  • Vim!? Luxury! We had VI and we loved it!

  • VI? Why back in my day we had ed!

  • Ed? Luxury! I used to use ‘cat’ and we were happy.
    [This is where my real life deviates from the comic]

  • Cat?! My god man you lived such a pampered life, I used to write the binary code directly to disk with ‘echo’.

  • Echo! We used to use binary

  • BINARY! You had both one’s and zeros? Luxury! We only had zeros and we liked it!

  • You had zeros! We used to have to use the magnetic pull of the moon to manipulate bits on the hard drive.

  • You had a hard drive!?!?!

  • [… and so on….]

I do have to say that I love XKCD! They have some good stuff in the forums as well.

Oh, and just for my coworker Len….. “PICO!” (in reference to ‘nano’ in the comic).