Joanna Rees Photography

Just a random shout out to Joanna Rees and her photography, who is an old classmate from high school who I (re-)discovered through Facebook. Joanna and I weren’t in the same circles back then, however same as what happened to another old friend of mine, Jason, she’s into photography. This is now another person that I get to live semi-vicariously through, as she’s good enough to be doing work for magazines, and from the looks of it, it’s very good. Funny how things go full circle in life eh?

Damn you facebook and your addictive qualities!

3 Comments on “Joanna Rees Photography”

  1. I love JoRees! She is fabulous!!!
    And on fb… recent studies find that it might be hazardous to your health… and will definitely cause some sort of obsessive-type disorder… watch out!

  2. Thanks Alan,
    You are to kind. Needless to say you have a lot to teach me on digital photography. Your work is very three dimensional, detailed, and rich. Keep it up!

  3. Trying to contact Joanne re: a mutual friend (Dorothy Halton).
    Please email me, I’m an old friend of Dorothy’s and just found out tonight about what happened to her. I’d really appreciate talking to someone who knew her since her Western days. Thanks.