Hooked on The Sopranos

I borrowed 5 seaons of The Sopranos from my uncle in law last week and let them sit for a while, until I was sick with a cold last week before finally putting the first disk in, just to check it out. Damn, what a great show! It certainly helped that I saw Goodfellas for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and have heard the real Henry Hill a bunch of times on the Stern show to help me get into it. So basically the last week I’ve been watching 1 or 2 or 5 episodes a day (more over the weekend) and have ripped through the first season and a half.

It was really funny to watch Firefly adamantly not watching through the corner of her eye as she pretended to read on the couch (she refuses to watch The Godfather too), and then call and ask what happened if she was out of the room for any time while I was watching… but she’s not watching it, no sirree.

The issue for me of course is that the series is coming to an end (only 2 episodes left I think) I hear things about the latest shows in season 6 and know that I still have another 68 episodes to go through (that’s 3400 minutes or two and a third days!). I wonder if there’s an episode list with a list of episodes you can miss, you know, the “fluff” episodes… thing is, with there being only 13 episodes a season for 5 seasons there won’t be much fluff.

So yea, don’t start watching The Sopranos if you can avoid it, it’s really good 🙂