Things I Learned From “Mad Men”

After seeing the show Mad Men get all sorts of accolades I started watching it.  Due to having a 3 hour commute a day, I went through the first season in a couple of weeks.  It’s all about an advertising agency in Manhattan in the 60s, and is pretty interesting, if for nothing more than what appears to […]

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Thoughts on Lost

I have a lot of spare time in my commute, and the hours make it not good “thinking” time, but more “stare like a slobbering idiot at a dumb TV show or movie” time (kinda like my weekends). Since February of this year I’ve been watching Lost for the first time, from Season 1 Episode

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Knight Rider – My Non-Review

I was going to take a bit of time tonight to trash the Knight Rider movie from last night, but it looks like IO9 has already done that far better than I could, with pictures and everything. I also recommend reading the live blog if you watched the show, and re-live the cheese.

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Quicky “jPod” Review

So after a minor speed bump at the start of my watching experience (brother-in-law coming over and hanging out for an hour), I finally managed to finish watching jPod…. here’s a few thoughts. First of all, the first episode is the “introductory” episode, so it’s a bit clunkier than I presume future episodes will be.

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MythTV System Rebuilt

Well, it’s 10:30pm and my morning project took about 12 hours to do, but it’s done now. It started out with “why don’t I just throw a spare hard drive into my MythTV system and install the latest version to see how well it works?” That part went fine, but as soon as I did

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Wow, The Primetime Emmys are Lame

Seriously, their humorous little skits in between who-cares awards could really use some work…. I’ve never seen people like John Stewart be so completely un-funny. However, I did find a very funny picture of a mom bird feeding a baby bird to make me feel better. Speaking of TV and movies. Shoot ‘Em Up (trailer)

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