I’m Now Fully Battlefield 2’d Up

My buddy Shawn called up this lazy Sunday morning and wanted to hit the swap meet. Since I’m always one for the fun, excitement and danger of the swap meet, I agreed. Standard stuff, rows of bad DVDs, plants, crap, more crap, etc etc. My one golden find was a dingy looking copy of The Complete Battlefield Collection, which consisted of Battlefield 2 and the three booster packs: BF 2 Special Forces, BF2 Armored Fury and BF2 Euro Force. Big scratch on te DVD, but that didn’t seem to matter for the install, and more importantly, the registration codes for the boosterpacks worked! Wh00t!

Of course, I’ve been playing the next iteration of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2142, and coming back to this game (even though it’s not that old), I’m realizing how much better 2142 is as far as speed to load, UI in the menus, etc etc.

Oh well, I got it for $15 (it was labeled as $35), so I’m happy. I didn’t even think it’d install or register properly, so I’m way ahead now 🙂