Transformers Game Quicky Review

I was a bit bored today so I checked out Transformers, The Game. I played a grand total of about 3 minutes of it before I threw my hands up and uninstalled. If you’re going to buy this game, don’t. If you’re going to warez this game, don’t. Things that were wrong: An obvious conversion

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Time To Upgrade

I think it might be finally time to upgrade my windows box. Its main uses for me are a) Photoshop and image editing/cataloging/organizing and b) gaming, gaming and more gaming. Oh, and it runs my accounting software. Of those three applications, two of them are hardware intensive. I realized today that my current hardware is

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It Was Way Cooler Back Then

Was talking with Dana this morning about games, flight sims, gaming today, and the up and downsides of console versus PC gaming. On a lark I went and looked up what I remembered being a really cool and advanced flight sim called Tornado, which came out in the Falcon 3.0 era around the early 90s.

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LAN Party Upcoming!

Fun happy time I’m invited to a LAN tomorrow. Man, it’s been ages since I’ve been able to go to one, and I’m really looking forward to it. Course, I have no idea if the q3/cod/etc installs actually work anymore, or heck, if I still even have them installed… probably a good thing to check

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Battlestar Galactica The Game

Holy crap this looks cool. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan…. hell, my conversations start with “Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?”. Anyway, going through a list of upcoming games and saw Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line. Basically a BSG game. Nothing much in the website yet, but the forums

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Running up Levels in Battlefield 2

This really should be titled “How I Was Introduced to Levelling” or “How Battlefield 2 Stole My Life”. I’ve never really played games that involved levelling or levelling up before. Basically levelling is the term for gaining experience in a role playing game, so as you do more and more of the same things, your

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