Misc Battlefield 2 Links

A page of Battlefield 2 stats, tips and info, lots of good info about my latest addiction. My own stats here. And a good looking optimization guide, with side by side comparisons of images and even better, analysis of how much impact a particular setting will have on the game. Of course, the rig they […]

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I Gave In

It was late, and uhmm, we were going in that direction anyway, and uh, they only had one left so I had to get it now when I could even if I don’t play it right away and it’s still sealed in the box and now I don’t have to run out and buy it

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Doom 3 Is Way Too Scary

Buddy of mine messaged me this regarding Doom 3: (23:07:40) $someguy: dude (23:07:41) $someguy: doom3 (23:07:43) $someguy: way too fucking scary (23:07:49) $someguy: just playin’ now, lights off, sound up (23:07:54) $someguy: I dunno if mah nerves can take this (23:08:00) $someguy: 2 minute intervals den I gotta break Can’t say I disagree, that says

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Doom 3 Gone Gold, Finally!

So, Doom3 finally is done. Congrats to the iD team on their four years of work on a brand new game engine and a brand new game with a different direction (though not completely different direction) than their last one. So now I have to make the decision of do I insure my car for

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Flight Simulator 2004

Got the chance to try Flight Simulator 2004 on Saturday. It’s pretty sweet, I have to admit. Nice terrain and familiar terrain. You can fly out of just about any airport you want, including Abbotsford or Vancouver, and the city itself is very nicely rendered. It is the “Century of Flight” edition, so you can

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LAN Party Time

Yeap, it’s that time again (or rather, finally). If you’re around, and in the group, you’ll have recieved an email with details, unless I forgot you. If I forgot you, sorry, just email me and I’ll throw you the details.

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Half Life 2 Spooge

Wow, I managed to suck down the 500 meg Half Life 2 video and all I can say is wow. Almost more exciting as the Doom3 footage I mentioned. The physics in the game look amazing, you shoot a wooden platform and hey, it spliters, and (if shot in the right places) falls apart, just

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E3 Doom 3 Trailer

I’ve been waiting eagerly for Doom 3 ever since it was first announced probably almost a year ago or more. I played the leaked alpha and though “wow, this is going to be pretty good”. When I downloaded the E3 trailer released today I said “holy fucking shit”. When Silverstr saw it he said, and

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