Resisting Half Life 2

It is only by my immense strength of will (and the enormous amount of work I have over the next week) that I am resisting running out to purchase a copy of Half Life 2. May I continue to be strong.

5 Comments on “Resisting Half Life 2”

  1. Raskal – actually I haven’t, honest! Surprisingly I haven’t seen it on the normal sites. Maybe the activation hasn’t been broken yet? I do plan to buy it though, I support the games I like, and HL2 sounds like it’ll be one of those 🙂
    Besides, there’s no demo out to prove me wrong yet!

  2. Bought it today. Installed it. Productivity at an all-time low.
    It’s heaps of eye-candy. Unfortunately, it reminded me how much I HATED when Halflife 1 changed scenes and took forever and a day to load new levels. Especially when driving vehicles, now.
    That, and it’s still kinda buggy. At one point I effectively zipped right past one of those “transition checkpoints”, and it unceremoniously dumped me completely off map. Like, “I just fell off the edge of this badly designed Quake map” bad.
    I suspect you won’t find it anywhere to download. The installer states it uses cryptography and downloads crap from Valve using their Steam thingy. There’s a reason that the box says, “Internet connection REQUIRED” in the minimum hardware.
    I guess after their source code was stolen, they really don’t want to have people cracking the real game. 🙂