E3 Doom 3 Trailer

I’ve been waiting eagerly for Doom 3 ever since it was first announced probably almost a year ago or more. I played the leaked alpha and though “wow, this is going to be pretty good”. When I downloaded the E3 trailer released today I said “holy fucking shit”. When Silverstr saw it he said, and I quote:

(08:56:02) SilverStr: OH MY FUCKING GAWD!

(08:56:49) SilverStr: The dudes crawling on the ceiling! And jumping out of grates on the floor. Oh this is gonna be good

Can’t say I disagree.

There is also a half life 2 trailer that was released that is almost as impressive. At least HL2 has a real release date (September 30th). Guess I’ll be upgrading my computer hardware in the next while huh?

Oh, also finally got off my ass and installed BitTorrent, a method of downloading from multiple sources simultaniously. Lets just say I was downloading at 150+k/s using bittorrent and about 4 k/s via the (overloaded) ftp and http mirrors.

For those close to me who are lazy bastards and don’t mind uploading from a cable modem, and assuming I don’t kick you off for using my bandwidth, I put the trailers on my ftp. You can download the Doom 3 trailer here and the Half Life 2 teaser here.

In the HL2 trailer keep an eye on the floor when the tentical things come up (towards the end)… absolutely gorgeous looking water covered floor. Oh, and also there are some E3 Day 1 impressions up at shacknews.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to be alone with the Doom 3 trailer…. where’s my towel?