Doom 3 Gone Gold, Finally!

So, Doom3 finally is done. Congrats to the iD team on their four years of work on a brand new game engine and a brand new game with a different direction (though not completely different direction) than their last one.

So now I have to make the decision of do I insure my car for another year or buy the latest video card du-jour that’ll be needed to run the game at more than 3fps 🙂 Or just not buy food, that works too.

Speaking of food, we’re finally getting a new fridge. Technically we’re just receiving it from the building managers, but it’ll be here tomorrow anyway. The old one has been keeping it’s temperature constant between -1 and +8 or so, which is a bit too much fluctuation (normal is around +4 to +5). That in addition to the other problems it had a while back, and the fact that for the last year the fan in the back has been so loud that we’ve had to keep the bedroom door closed so we can sleep.

All I know about the new one is it’s 2″ taller, 1/2″ narrower, and a Maytag. I’m not going to cross my fingers for nifty things like ice cube makers on the door though 🙂

Off to play UT2004 for a bit. Code on the work project that I wanted to get done tonight is done, and some code I was testing is not acting normal at all, and the network is FUBAR (don’t think it’s my net connection, the Bellingham office is probably infested with a worm or something again) so it’s painful to work. Off to decompress…..

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