Red Like Lobster

I guess I don’t learn… me and the sun just don’t mix. Maybe that’s why I took on the life of a programmer, sitting in dark, sunless areas with nothing around me to change my skin from white but the radiation slowly seeping from my monitors.

On Cat5’s suggestion a bunch of people headed up to Hicks Lake, about 10 minutes past (around and aboot) Harrison. A very nice lake, awsome water, but the beaches left a bit to be desired (at least the one we went to… though we wanted seclusion so you can’t really have a nice beach with no one on it). It was a blast. At one point we had five guys (all 25-30) trying to get on top of a floating log without rolling off it, dunking each other and laughing our asses off. I haven’t done that since I was in scouts back in the day. Also did a bit of snorkling. Not a lot to see but sand, occasional branches and a beer bottle or two though. Sadly I’m way out of shape for diving and I really felt it even just going from one side of the beach to the other. I really gotta get into better shape.

Of course, even with careful consideration and application of sunscreen, I ended up with a lobster red back. Reminds me of Hawaii, though the sunburn probably won’t be quite as bad.

After finishing off a fair amount of beer and food we came back and hit an expensive (we found this out after we got in and were seated) Japanese resteraunt. Food was good though.

Good to be home. Even though my back is screaming at me for even sitting down leaning up against the back of my chair the fact that somehow the sun and activity took so much out of me makes me really just fall asleep.