A Day of Firsts

A day of firsts for me, though none of them really hugely exciting 🙂

  • First time finding one of my old jobs (from the graphics place where I had the MacBook) on a job search site. I’m sure other jobs of mine may have ended up on places like that, but I’ve never actually found them myself for.
  • First cold or sickness of the year 🙁 I sound like an 80 year old 4 pack-a-day jazz singer, deep and throaty. Sadly I also am sneezing, sniffing and have what feels like a rasp in the back of my throat.
  • First time being called “fucking useless” by a client. After what felt like a really long 1…. 2….. 3…. count he did say something like “awh, I gotta give you guys a hard time,” but I definitely did get taken aback, and had to search my memory to see if I’d dealt with this particular person before and that I could expect that sort of joking familiarity with him. Just kidding around I guess, but fairly unprofessional. Kudos to my manager to calling to see if I was actually affected by the guy, that was nice. He didn’t want to give me a month off and a raise for the mental trauma that it put me through though 🙂

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