Ok, due to popular demand I’ve gotten off my ass and updated this news page.

Here is a brief for you all:

    <LI>The kitten is home with me now, been here for a week, and is yet
    <LI>I would appreciate any cool names, preferably relating to Tiger or
    Snow Tiger (as that is what he looks like)
    <LI>I have the pictures from Calgary back.  Unorganized, but available at
    <A HREF="http://www.northco.net/alan/pix">www.northco.net/alan/pix</a>.
    <LI>I got a car!  1986 Honda Prelude, 5 speed, dual carb, power sunroof.
    got it up to 150km/h a couple nights ago (would have gone faster, but it was
    at night.  If you are my parents reading this, please ignore it <TT>:-)</TT>
    <LI>Back in school (part of the reason I haven't updated).  Calculus sucks.
    Business (Products and Operations Management sucks worse though.... 3 hours
    of lecture, with <EM>no</EM> working computers to amuse myself with!).
    <LI>My current &quot;fun&quot; project is a help line tracking system.
    I'm going to see if I can use it at work (where the idea originally came from,
    and perhaps use it as my final project for my degree program.

That’s all for now folks….