My kitten made it’s first transgression from angel to demon spawn this morning.

5 minutes before I’m about to leave and I notice him on the window sill, looking

out off the window beside my bonsai, and looking cute. I think to myself,

isn’t that cute, and I don’t have any film for the camera (you know,

a picture of the two things I have that depend on me). I turn away to go back to

fighting with Partition magic or something, and 3 seconds later my kitten is

racing away, my bonsai and it’s dirt, etc are all over my floor, bed and nighttable.

Little devil. Then traffic was absolutely horrible this morning,

so I was a little late for work (not much though).

Brian wandered off to Calgary today to go look for work. We all wish him a

good drive there, and good luck finding a job.

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