Well, it’s monday. How Sad For Me(tm).

The weekend only sucked a bit. Hung around Vancouver on Saturday, and Sunday

was spent doing homework. Saturday night was good though. A friend of mine,

Teri, was having a pre-birthday bash with some friends at a club, and I was

invited along. So I was dancing my little boots off until 3am. Twas fun though,

I haven’t gotten much excersise lately 🙂

Shelybean’s wedding is in 4 weeks minus 3 days or so. Getting pretty excited

about seeing the Calgary gang again, and am looking forward to seeing how the new

car handles the drive. Hope the gas milage is good. Ah well, we’ll see.

Working on getting the last set of pictures up too. Oh yea, and I’ll have to

train my roommate to feed the kitten… hope he doesn’t mind doing the litter

box (hehehehe).


At one time or another in our lives, we put on the mask of what we think that

people want us to be like. Then, one day we

decide to take off this mask and discover that it was never there at all. We

become what we pretend to be. So when you put on this mask, make sure it

is what you truely want to become.

List of things to do:

  • Do work on Inferno, a help line data base project I’m working

    on for "fun" (and my final project next semester).  This includes
    doing artwork, code, a web page, and of course, more code.  More details to

  • Homework, schoolwork, etc…

  • And all the other busy social things I have (pah).

Ok… so it’s not a big long list I guess.

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