Warning Warning, rant detected ahead

Well, it happened again. Went down to my secure parking
garage this morning to find that my passenger door had (once again) been peeled back,
and my car had been rifled through by sniveling, slimy, bastard punks who have
nothing better to do than to break into cars, steal what they can, or take them
joyriding. Right now I feel like camping down there tonight with a
BIG knife.

So for 21 years I’ve had nothing worse than a speeding ticket happen to me
car wise, and in the last year I’ve been broken into 3 times, (once with my radio
and amp stolen, once with just a bunch of hassel to fix the lock on the door,
and this time) and had my car written off. Maybe there is a nice cave nearby
to hide in till the end of the century (820ish days left!). Oh well, such is life.
I’m taking it much better now, this is all old hat 🙂

My friend Teri (nick of Gwynna) is in Mexico for 2 weeks. Hope she is having
a great time. Brian is back in Abbotsford from a (hopefully) productive job
hunting trip to Calgary.

Would someone please please tell me how
long it takes to go from Abbotsford or Vancouver to Prince George? I have an
old friend up at UNBC I’d like to see, and
I need to know if it’s feasible to get up there kinda-sorta on my way to Calgary
for Carole’s wedding.
All my maps have apparently dissapeared, and I’ve been told the driving time
is anywhere from 5 1/2 hours to 10 1/2 hours…

Oh, one last thing. The kitten has been officially named. His name is:

Cornielious K. Bailward

"Corny" for short, and the K stands for, of course,
"Kat". Thanks for everyone who submitted their suggestions for names
to me, maybe I’ll stick them all in for middle names….