Happy remembrance day folks, take a sec to think about all that we have, and the reasons we have that,

and honor those who died for what we have today. Kinda puts things in perspective no?

I was over at a friends and she asked me to fix her computer. I did some things on it and then (to

test the wordprocesser), wrote whatever came to my head. The results are below.

<FONT FACE="Arial" COLOR="#800000">
blah blah blah blah<BR>
life sucks, then you die. <BR>
If you are lucky, really really lucky, <BR>
somewhere along the way you will meet someone,<BR>
you may fall in love.<BR>
You shouldn't be afraid, this happens to everyone,<BR>
if they are lucky.<BR>
Luck and love seem to go hand in hand,<BR>
the right place <BR>
the right time<BR>
the right girl<BR>
the right boy.<BR>
All coming togeather with a cosmic connection,<BR>
and perfect silver band.<BR>
If you are lucky.<BR>
And we all have to get lucky sometime, right?
<FONT FACE="Arial" COLOR="#800000">
A wise man once said, "I think therefor I am."<BR>
I disagree.  I say that it is more accurately,<BR>
"I love therefor I am."<BR>
What is a person without love? <BR>
with out the ability to touch someone else in life?<BR>
A person without love is a person alone.<BR>
A person without love is a person who cannot touch someone else. <BR>
not being able to touch someone like this is death<BR>
death of the soul, death of the heart.  <BR>
Death of love.<BR>
I don't want my love to die. <BR>
I want to find the face behind the heart.<BR>