Well, I just got back from seeing The Devil’s Advocate, starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pachino.

This is my review of the movie.

How incredibly DISTURBING!

Now don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent movie, with a good plot, and well played characters,

and all that shit, but it’s just… well, disturbing. I can’t say exactly why it is

disturbing without giving away the plot, but I’ll do what I can.

The movie starts off normally enough, with a happy happy joy joy couple, and Keanu is Kevin Lomax, a

lawer with less than a totally clean moral slate. About halfway through the movie things start go

go bad… his wife starts seeing things, he starts seeing things, the family starts to be torn apart,

things start going strange at the office, his wife needs him and he doesn’t help her, the big boss (Al

Pachino) starts… well not lying, but you know he knows more than he’s telling. There is a total lack

of violence in the movie, sort of, except when it does come, it comes FULL BORE. It

slaps you in the side of the head… with a baseball bat. The violence is well timed and impactfull.

There is not much nudity/sex, but a little, and some revealing shots (and yes ladies, you do get to

see keanu’s butt). Not the kind of nudity to enjoy though, as again, a hint of supernaturalness,

and some weirdness that just leaves you going "what the hell just happened!?!?!?!?!"

So now things are starting to fall apart. Things get wierder and weirder, until the confrontation

between Kevin and the devil (played by Al). The climax of the confrontation is the kind that makes you

say "whoh! what just happened?" And you are sad in a way that things endded

up the way they did, but still happy.

Then something happens.

And you are happy again, like the movie just turned into The Sound of Music, or a similar

feel good movie. And then the final scene, the one that dissolves into the credits just freaks you

right the hell out.

Ok, now I need a stiff drink. No seriously, I don’t get freaked out at movies, not at all. I can easily

see a gory/scary/dramatic movie and not have a hair out of place, and my heart is beating the same

speed on the way out as on the way in. This movie…. this movie disturbed me.

Again, it’s an excellent movie, and I recommend it, but only to the strong of heart, and those who enjoy

getting their mind dragged left then right then left again, then suddenly straight up. Not a great

review I guess, but it’s something to pass the time, as I won’t be getting to bed anytime soon 🙂

In other news…. started redoing the homepage today, or at least drafting it out. I think it’ll be good