A-Team Quicky Review

Two entries in a row? Madness. That was what I thought about watching two movies in a row, first Karate Kid and then the new A-Team movie. This one is going to be even quicker though, no high fallutin’ prattling on with them big reviewers words. Get your buddies, go out and have a pizza […]

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Karate Kid Quicky Review

Went to see the new “Karate Kid” movie last weekend. Some good points and some bad. The story, overall, is pretty much the same as the 1984 classic except it’s a short black kid named after a rapper instead of a tall white kid, they move to China instead of California, he’s taught by Jackie

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Why 2012 Sucked

A list, in no particular order: The rude ass in front of my and to the left who had his cell phone out a bunch during the first half of the movie. I don’t care if you’re texting or checking your email or whatever, but hide the bright white screen so it’s not shining in

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Star Trek (Review)

Finally got a chance to see the new Star Trek movie. Read more to see my (very) spoilery review. The short (and un-spoilered) review is it is a near perfect movie, fantastic in almost every way. A definite go see, go see right now. Trekkies old and new will love it. Now, on to the

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Quicky Review – Jumper

Saw Jumper over the weekend Friday night with Dana and Firefly and FireflyBro. The movie was what my friend Bryan calls a “trailer movie”, where basically all the good parts are in the trailer. The movie wasn’t bad, however it did suffer from a couple of odd things that jarred me. Pacing – There were

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Pirates 3 Review

A couple of good friends from out of town are in for a couple of days, and we decided to go see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t that it was bad, it just seemed like both the studio and the editor went nuts a few times. First

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