Starting the Indiana Jones Embargo

I have resolved to not read any reviews, spoiler-free or not, of the new Indiana Jones movie. I’ll be seeing it Friday or Saturday (or Sunday, or all three in fact) regardless of what anyone else has to say. It’s Indy, and I’m not going to let any random review taint my enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the movie.

Scary thing is just how long it’s been since the last one…. The Last Crusade is on TV tonight and watching it I realized that I remembered watching it before the family trip to England and Tunisia between grade 8 and 9. That’s a damn long time ago.

Apologies to friends who are older than me thinking “my god, in 1989 I had already graduated university, you were only just in high school!?” I’m sorry 🙂

Ugh. Still, looking forward to seeing the movie. Anyone want to join?

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