Why 2012 Sucked

A list, in no particular order:

  1. The rude ass in front of my and to the left who had his cell phone out a bunch during the first half of the movie. I don’t care if you’re texting or checking your email or whatever, but hide the bright white screen so it’s not shining in my eye while I’m trying to enjoy the world blowing up.
  2. The maybe crying, maybe laughing, maybe just heavy breathing woman to my right. Honestly, I have no idea why she was making so much noise.
  3. The noisy, chatty, moving around, going out to refill their popcorn and pop, rude ass little high school brats in front of me. For all I know they were having sex with all the rustling around they were doing.
  4. Commenty mc-chatterson behind me. Not enough to deserve a comment or look, but enough to annoy the hell out of me.
  5. Pre-bagged popcorn. Really, if I’m paying what they charge for popcorn and butter I want my popcorn well mixed with the butter, not for you (pimply cashier kid who you can tell doesn’t give a shit) to get a bag of popcorn already full, drizzle a bit of butter over the top, and give it to me.

Oh the movie? Oh it was fine actually, the world blowing up with great special effects, and a minimal of that silly character development stuff (actually it did have some pretty good characters in it) made it a fun ride.

The rest of the experience however, aims to make me want to justify a big screen TV and blue-ray plwyer so I don’t have to deal with the other humans in the movie theaters as much.