A-Team Quicky Review

Two entries in a row? Madness. That was what I thought about watching two movies in a row, first Karate Kid and then the new A-Team movie.

This one is going to be even quicker though, no high fallutin’ prattling on with them big reviewers words. Get your buddies, go out and have a pizza or burger and the local fast food joint, have a beer or two, then go see the movie.

That preview you’ve seen with the crazy stuff with the plane and the tank? It’s all like that. Not the questionable CGI, but the pure unappolagetic fun of a crazy over the top movie that doesn’t care about a thin plot or cardboard characters (even though the plot and characters are surprisingly good IMHO), but just wants you to sit down and hang on for a ride. The actors are good matches for their 80’s TV originals, the plot is a combination of origin story and first adventure, and the shit blowing up is just fun. So go see it, you’ll like it. Unless you’re the sort of person who wants to go see Sex in the City 2, in that case you’re probably not going to like this movie at all.

Well worth it, see it in the theatre for the full effect, two thumbs up.

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