Quicky Review – Jumper

Saw Jumper over the weekend Friday night with Dana and Firefly and FireflyBro. The movie was what my friend Bryan calls a “trailer movie”, where basically all the good parts are in the trailer.

The movie wasn’t bad, however it did suffer from a couple of odd things that jarred me.

  • Pacing – There were a couple of times during I thought that the movie was getting into the good action parts, and instead it ground to a halt.
  • Backstory – Really, the movie did as little as possible to get a backstory, but the parts that it did include were wedged in at odd angles shall we say. There was one part in the last few minutes of the movie that came out of nowhere and went nowhere, unless it’s a super-setup for Jumper 2, though I somehow doubt there will be one, no matter how big the setup was (my current theory is they only make sequels to really bad movies (IE: Step it up 2) or really good movies (IE: The Dark Knight)).
  • WTF was up with Samuel L. Jackson’s hair, and why didn’t he get to say “motherfucker” at all??

On the upside the jump-fight scenes were fun and IMHO well done (pacing issues and pointlessness aside) and the car ride sequence was very cool.

Sadly some of my impression of the movie was tainted by the horrible service I got from the 18 year old popcorn-slinger who probably makes $7 and hour and doesn’t give a shit about his job and it shows. First they forgot to give us our popcorn and then didn’t put the butter in halfway as well as on top like they normally do. The complete lack of giving-a-shit definitely shows and pissed me off, which didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth for the movie.