Huge Batch of Kitten-ness

I’m really sorry to do this to everyone… the last couple of days have had a fair amount of good cuteness to go around, so I feel obliged to post it here (as my random technical posts seem to garner no interest at all šŸ˜› ). There’s a whopper number of pics in the click more (and as always a larger size is available if you click on the pic)…

OMG have you ever seen such a fantastic expression?

I’m also really impressed with my camera…. even when I forgot to unset the 800 ISO it still took almost noiseless images, and when I threw on my flash unit with softbox it just looks awesome! Now to make the photographer even better as well! šŸ™‚

The kitten really likes Andrea’s shoes

“They not come in my size?” (Kudos to Deb for that one)

Ravenous little beast getting chicken.

High speed munchin’ munchkin

The rule of cats is all things go back to being a circle.

Second batch, from today:

The bottom drawer is now called home

Playing in the drawer

My version of “Jesus Christ it’s a Lion, get in the car!”

Sleeping on the legs

Toes to play with are a great attraction

Corny still plays a bit rough… this was just after he swatted the kitten in the top part of the cat tree circle-thing.

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