A Quicky Review of “Bank Job”

Dana was kind enough to invite me out tonight to see The Bank Job, which was given four of of five stars by PeeJay, which was all I needed to hear, since he’s seen approximately every movie, ever 🙂
I have to agree with the 4/5 review. This was an excellent movie, combining a great mix of action, humor, “caper” and some “how are they going to get out of this one”. In fact, that’s also about my only complaint. More on that in a sec. The good is this movie is great! I believed the gritty look, the 70’s characters, the actress playing the model Martine had the perfect 60s-70s model look. The caper was fast moving, the intrigue and “how are they going to get out of this” was reminiscent of Ocean’s 11, the funny bits were some laugh out loud (but mostly believable) moments…. etc etc. Definitely go see this movie.
About my only complaint about this was that the movie didn’t seem to know exactly what type of movie it was. On one hand it was a gritty crime drama. On another hand it was a funny action movie with the funny sidekick (a bit like Snatch). On yet another hand it was a caper movie (like Inside Man). On another hand it was (as mentioned before) a great plot and “how are they going to get out of this” like Ocean’s 11. At one point it’s funny and goofy, a bit out of character, almost jarringly so (the “no names Micheal”, “sorry Dave” part you see in the trailer). At yet another point it gets really dark, almost disturbingly so.
Maybe it’s this combination of movie types that make the movie work, maybe not. This is the only reason why I’d take a point off the review. Even so this is a very minor niggle which I do not mean to tarnish what is a really great movie!