Couple of Quick Personal Updates

Corny Shaved and GrumpyJust a few updates to keep my future self reminded of what’s going on with present (past) self.

  • Thanks to a bit/scratch/injury of some sort, Corny had a nasty wound on his back that ended up infected, and the vet had to remove some dead flesh (ick!). He ended up as a franken-Corny (again) (pictured right). When he went back 10 days later to get his stitches removed, turns out he still had puss still in the wound (ick again) and the wound hadn’t healed enough, so he’s back on antibiotics for another week. He’s also leaking puss right now for some reason, it’s fairly gross, but it’s puss and not blood, which is a good thing. Not good that he’s leaking, but it’s not that his stitches are pulled or anything (as far as I can tell anyway). I’m going to keep an eye on it and maybe give the doc a call tomorrow to find out if he needs another drain or something, or we can just leave it.
  • Yup, I got myself a new camera… thanks to a fair amount of extra hours work I’ve been doing, and the magic of credit cards. I’ve actually had a couple of people a) ask me to take their picture and b) offer to pay!! I’ve upgraded from my *ist-D, which I got in 2004 to the Pentax K20D, with double the megapixels, in body shake reduction, DNG support, plus a whole wack of other goodies. I’m very happy with this and have (in part) the This Week In Photography podcast to thank for rejuvenating me back into picture taking.
  • To this end I’ve also started another blog, with the idea of maybe passing on some interesting and more focused information than this random collection of cat pictures and rambling about myself that no one really cares about! I was inspired by another blog and created The K20D Blog over at the free blogging service, BlogSpot. I’m fairly excited to see if there is any interest in this. I have a bunch of things I’ve learned about photography, and while I’m still way a learner, I like sharing. Mostly it’s about creating content, instead of just linking to random things. I’m also seeing if I can monetize this a bit as well. I’ve got google ads on the site, and have signed up with the Amazon affiliate link thing (ie: click the link and buy a book, and a tiny bit is kicked back to me to help me keep things going here). People seem to be making money with this blogging thing, maybe this can help me get things started 🙂 (Sorry if I sound like a whore).
  • Coming down from a nasty cold. This corresponded with the part of the week I was on call and working from home, so it worked out I guess, still, nasty nasty… I’m very glad I almost have control over my nose again! I’m also riding that dark horse nag by the name of NyQuil… with the wonderful (to steal a term from Dennis Leary) “Green Death F-n Flavor”. Horrible taste, fairly good results at night.
  • Cat-sitting mom and dad’s cat for a couple of weeks makes me realize that 5.5 cats is too many.
  • Kitten is still unnamed. I floated “Alba” last night which she was tasting bubbles in a bubble bath, from a bubble bath called “alba”, and also as a tribute of course to Jessica Alba… cute, long legs, a bit ditzy, and distracted easily by shiny objects (Dear Jessica, that’s a joke, I know you are a wise and intelligent lady, I hope you’ll still visit next time you’re in Vancouver, and I promise I’ll stop stalking you). I’m not 100% convinced on the name though, it doesn’t quite work though, and talking to her using the name results in no reaction (not uncommon in cats anyway).
  • More kitten pics soon!

Think that’s about it… other than the kitten being really cute and asking (“Baroo!”) to be picked up to play with things (like coat hangers out of reach in the closet of green leaves from a plant in the living room), I think that’s about all for now. I can feel the NyQuil starting to hit me now and the ol’ brain starting to slow down, so I’m going to hit the hay.