Kitten and Rex Friends

Well, maybe not friends, but tonight Rex was sleeping in “the circle thing” (the round red cat bed) and the kitten snuck up and made her way in…. slowly on the edge, then inside, then touching and then sleeping. Granted this was on the other side, but it was very nice to see the two of them being more than “I don’t see you!” to each other.

Two of them in The Circle Thing

Her (still no name) being all cool and hanging off the side.

Cool like a cucumber.

Hope that satisfies for the cuteness quota!

She’s been a little hellian lately though, doing the hundred yard dash across the house, attacking hands and feet, or any white thing you might take off the floor (socks, paper towels, Kleenex, clothes…. etc). Cute and scary at the same time 🙂 She’s also not understanding that climbing up people is not a good thing to do, however, if you’re standing beside something she wants to go up on… guess who turns into a ladder. Clothes or bare skin she doesn’t care… and has gone flying across the room a couple of times after turning my naked back into a stepladder to get up on the kitchen counter! Good thing shes cute!

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  1. Thanks John!! Yea, working downtown, missing the close commute to the ol’ PA days (or the even shorter one to the place I was at in mission 🙂 Things going well though, as they seem to be with you based on your blog 🙂