OK, I’m now 22. <pause> what now? 🙂

My day went something like this:

  • Go to work
  • Come home, go to school
  • Come home, do homework
  • Break for some re-heated lasagna for supper
  • Continue doing homework… until now

Pretty sad eh? Well, in between all of that were calls from my parents and friends. Mom also dropped off
a cupcake with a candle in it for me in my car at work, which was really cool. Just wish I had noticed it
before I sat down (just kidding).

Finally (just now) finished my Operations and Production Management homework. It’s a course of absolutely
no good to me, with a over-enthusiastic teacher to say the least. It’s a 3 hour lecture
first thing in the morning, which helps not one bit! Now don’t think I’ve been slacking off, I’ve been
working on it (in 15 min chunks) for about a week now, but the last couple questions had me stumped. Luckily
a friend Creations and I worked it out tonight. Got all sorts of other stuff to do too, awk!

Here’s to stress at the end of the semester….

Ok, a couple links:

http://www.quake2.com, and
http://quake2.stomped.com are my favorite Quake/Quake2 sites.

Homesite 3.0 beta
Allaire is the company that aquired Homesite, my favorite HTML editor. The new version (3.0) is out in a
time expiry form. Looks good though (using it now). Why why why did you change the F3 key to the F4
It’s got some really cool new features though, even though you have to jump through all sorts of
hoops to download it. Maybe the allaire homepage would be a better
link to follow.

A couple of comments. HS3 seems to have a problem with me ALT-TABbing back to another window. It puts
that window in the foreground, then sticks itself back in the foreground and then takes focus away from all
windows, making it hard to switch by keyboard to anything. The editor has slowed down (a tiny bit) with a
couple of (IMHO) useless features. You can now click on a tag, and after a predetermined amount of time, a
hint will pop up with all options for that tag. Maybe some people use it though. The remote access
rocks though. It used to be "open from web" but now you just choose from a list of ftp servers (you
put them in), and a listing of files shows up and you can use them just like local files, seamlessly. Very
nice. Makes doing this a lot easier, no more need to open up an ftp client after I’m finished writing to
upload it, now I just hit CTRL-S.

These links are all interconnected:

http://www.ritual.com/news.shtml – sCary’s shuga shack, a Quake
site. The news is the same as you get on any of the above Quake sites, but the good stuff is all in the
left hand frame under the old news link.

The funniest is (IMHO, as an IRC-type person),
quotes and stories, the quotes in particular. However,
following closely behind is
Stuff that sucks,
Words of Wisdom, and
Reasons to live.

3 cheers for sCary.

Last but not least is this hilarious story writen by Rob Malda of
http://slashdot.org. It’s called
Nerds, Unix and Virtual Parenting.


Class first thing, and in 4 minutes the day commemorating my birth 22 years ago will be over. Night folks!


Happy Birthday to me….

Just got back from UBC. Went to see the movie Men in Black (4th time), and then we watched
X-Files (taped, as it was on the same time as the movie). What a night for conspiricy! The X-Files
was all about the forming of "The Lone Gunmen". Seems they were the ones who turned
Mulder into the weirdo he is today.

On a more somber note…. The drive to UBC is an hour and a bit, and it leaves a lot of time to think.
I came up with these ponderances. In a relationship, there are three very important points. When you
meet your Significant Other (SO), when you fall in love (first kiss, or whenever the relationship goes
from friends to something more), and when the relationship ends. In all three of my serious relationships,
I remember each of these three moments crystal-clear. Should I? Should you? I think that each and
every relationship we have makes us, helps us grow in someway. Is remembering old loves
a good thing, something to hold onto and smile about sometime, or is it emotional baggage that will
screw up your next relationship? Maybe a little of both? a compramise so to speak. Some happy median
between totally forgetting your past and holding it in the foreground.

Another ponderance: Fate. Scary word huh? Who knows if fate rules our relationships,
or god, or God, or ka or whatever. But if you subscribe to the "one person for me,"
theory, ever think that maybe, just maybe, your meeting with that person never happened because s/he
looked over to your table and you were picking your nose? or scratching, or blowing bubbles in your pop?

Kinda scary huh?

On that note, I leave you faithful reader, as I go for my 4 hours sleep..