Hmmm…. mastercard bill due tomorrow. Gotta remember to pay that. Hmmm…. Calculus midterm tomorrow,

gotta remember to make sacrafices to the saint of lost causes.

Was playing with 3dstudio-max 2 today. I think I need more RAM….

Memory usage - eeeek!

Saw a show on the making of Starship Troopers on the space network today, very cool. Not as much detail

as I’d have liked, but still a neat look into the making of the movie.

I had my interview at BCTel a couple of days ago, and it went well. The fact I’m part of

Mediasolas got them worried about conflict of interest, but when I

explained it’s 3 friends who made a company, and we have no work, clients, client base or business sense,

they relaxed. I’m quite excited to see if I get this. In fact, I’ll be kind of insulted if they don’t offer

it to me. That 2x pay raise is looking very nice, seeing as I’ve watched my bank account steadily go down

since I moved out a year ago. Bad money management on my part or not enough pay? A little of both I think.

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