Ok, this is a rough draft of an assignment I had to do for my Information Technology class. The assignment was


"In no more than one page, explain to this “client” the need for the implementation of an IT
charge back system....If you want, set it up like a movie script, commercial, dialog from a novel....."

So I set it up like a novel 🙂 Just ignore the BS regarding a charge-back system (whatever that is),

and the whole IT thing. Anyway, here it is.

While preparing supper tonight I learned another truth to life:

  1. If you buy spahgetti sauce (not because you want to, but because you run out of mom’s good stuff), and you

    don’t like it (Ragu, ick), either:

    a) eat it or

        b) throw it out

Because if you leave it for say… 6 months in the back of the fridge, because it’ll start to change, to mutate.

This is only good if you are into bio-engineering or something. If you are just a poor college student looking

to make some spaghetti for supper, and look in this container to see what looks like ok sauce just sitting there,

with this huge eyeball shaped lump in it, that is green and fuzzy and upon initial inspection resembles a large

jalipenio — is bad.

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