Apparently ICBC (scum sucking pigs) don’t cover CDs. They are considered
"Personal Property," and this makes them somehow different from the other things that were
stolen. So now I’m looking for a small island with no people or cars to move to. 🙂

Warning, Rant ahead.

(Those of you who frequent these pages know what that means….)

Had a party last night, had a lot of people over, drank much Guiness
(nector of the gods!), etc. Was out till 2am
because I had to take people home to Vancouver, so that 4 hours of sleep I
got was at least solid 🙂

But! 1:30pm, just sitting around waiting to go out and
pick people up for the party, I get a knock on my door. "Are you in
stall 145? Did you get broken into last night?" I ran down to check,
and sure enough…. They (the sniveling bastards who deserve to be raped and then
beated with a baseball bat and no lubricant), popped the passenger side lock,
rifled through the car, took my lighter-plugging-in flashlight, a mix tape that
was sitting on the floor (leaving the box of tapes that was next to it). They
then popped the trunk and removed my nice, almost new 6 CD changer.

And the 6 CD’s in it (including a birthday present).

The missed the two network cards and brand new CD sitting in the trunk too, but
I think that was because it was hidden a bit. And I can’t seem to find the receipt
for the changer now, so ICBC will screw me with the baseball bat, I’m

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