Merry… uhmm…. December. I hate stores that advertise Christmas starting in October… or even November.

Anyway, an amazing thing has happened… my Productions Operations Management (snooze) class’s HW is done).

This is the stuff I normally am up till 1 or 2 am doing the night before it was due, but amazingly enough it’s

done! Normally at this time I’d be sitting down and relaxing by doing my…

  • Term paper

  • AI final project

  • POM homework

  • … oh yea, and studying for the 4 finals I have

BUT! The homework is done! Amazing, yes, I know. So I’ll be celebrating by going out

for guiness with some geek friends. Well, until I have to come back and work more on my Network

Security term paper.

Finally got an idea in my head for a HP design that is feasable with my limited graphics talent. Just

wish I had time to boot into Linux to play with

the GIMP.

The #CGFH web page is up BTW, have a look…

Ah well, off to do dishes and play with my phycho kitten.

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