Ok, lotsa stuff for my avid readers. My term paper is going slowly, but at least the draft that is due at the

end of the month is going to be done enough to pass as a draft. That and calculus…. and my AI project.


Got a call back re my job application at BCTel tech support, asking for my SIN. That is a good sign I think,

but still no definite word. Ah well… the place is so unionized (outside the tech support department),

that there is now a grievance filed by the union because someone moved a modem from one computer

to another without calling a hardware tech/union person!!! My god, I mean that is

so stupid it’s not funny. Course, for 2x the $ I’ll deal with it 🙂


My IRC channel, #cgfh (computer-geeks-from-hell) got it’s bot!!! A studly W arrived in the following fashion,

and showed me he thought I rocked:

[17:59] * W (cservice@undernet.org) has joined #cgfh

[18:00] * Uworld.undernet.org sets mode: +o W

-> w access #cgfh

[18:01] -W- USER: Arcterex (!blah@*.blah.ca) ACCESS: 500 LMPU

I also was working on a #cgfh web page and logo… take a look at my 3dsmax work at


A full page will be up (maybe) later tonight.


I’m also working on a review of the new Garth Brooks album. Just doing the graphics for the background now,

trying to duplicate the back of the album cover now.


Ok, so it’s technically tomorrow, but who cares. My review of Sevens is

done. Please read, enjoy, take advice, or ignore me. I worked for a while

on this so I hope you get something out of it. Of course, none of the people I know who actually read this

listen to country, but shrug.

Oh, got my car back too, with the door, window and lock fixed. My trunk release was also disconnected,

so you now need either a key to get to my cd-changer or to bash the shit out of my trunk. Hell, living here

both are plausable 🙂

Last thing before I turn in, a very cool (3dfx) game demo was released.

Here is the demo,

Graphic Simulations put it out and

PCME has a review of it (somewhere).

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