Dilbert fans rejoice! The Real Life&tm; suits are just as real as those in

the strip: http://www.sjmercury.com/dilbert

Things I’m proud to say I’ve learned in the last little while:

    <LI>The ability to drink coffee black
    <LI>I can live quite comfortably on 4 hours of sleep a night
    <LI>Breakfasts that consist of a peice of toast work just fine
    <LI>McDonalds lunchs 4 days a week
    <LI>Weekend breakfast at 11am, supper at 4 and <EM>still</EM> not a rack of bones!
    <LI>School has taught me to BS with the best of them.
    <LI>Term papers done a day before, and still getting good marks
    <LI>Assignments started at 10pm the night before they are due and still
    getting good marks (and an hour or so of sleep too!)

I still have to get my new HP up and done. Well, I have what it should

look like in my head, it’s just a matter of my ability to create the graphics

that will fullfil my vision….