Ok, maybe not that exciting, but all my exams are done. Just one term paper

Some things to mention, the DOJ has ruled that Microsoft has to stop forcing OEMs to
install IE on thier computers. I’d like to think that this will force MS to get
their business through technical innovation, and not through heavy handed business
tactics, but I’m sure it won’t. Linux is still here and still free, so I don’t really
care πŸ™‚ Speaking of linux, I’ve installed it on my computer at work,
unbeknownst to the manager of course, and there a few things to still get working:

  • the mouse (a logitech busmouse)
  • X (cirrus5446, freezes up when I run X)

A few signs you know that the world is just fscked…

In Seattle (I think), a couple was taken into custody for the deaths (murder) of their
5(?) children in a house fire. They told police that the children were playing with
matches, but police found that the fire had been set with gasoline. They had burned
down the house to collect the insurance. Oh, and murdered their own
as well. Gads, it’s horrible.

So this is what I get for watching the news…. I think I’ll go back to being
blissfully ignorant πŸ™‚

On a totally unrelated note on violence…. Quake2 multiplayer is just awsome! I
was playing last night with some guys (Action, BAWD, Spawn, Hemlock, Heml0ck and
some others). We decided after a bit to go teams, guys against girls. So I
assumed the persona of the amazingly designed female quakeplayer, wearing stylish
jungle fatigues. After a dissapointing start (I sucked), us girls started kicking
some serious male ass. After a couple maps, we were fully in our grove, and in a
4/5 or 5/4 team, we were in at least the first 2 spots, a quite a bit of the time
we were all on top. Shit… should have taken a screen shot πŸ™‚

Quake 2 Weapons Balance

id has done a great job with Q2 deathmatch
weapons balance. Of course, I find the lag in q2 worse than that in quakeworld,
so weapons that don’t fire immediatly (like the rail gun, rocket launcher or BFG) I
found very hard to control, especially if you try to move while firing, or hit a
moving target. The rocket launcher used to be the holy grail of a deathmatch, you
either had it and had a chance, or didn’t and had no hope.

Now, each weapon has it’s advantages and disadvantages in a DM.


Advantages: never runs out of ammo, and you always have it.

Disadvantages: not much damage, slow (but not horrible) firing rate


Advantages: from close up can cause some damage

Disadvantages: pretty useless from a distance, slow reload rate

Super Shotgun

Advantages: longer range of damage than the shotgun, lots of damage from short

Disadvantages: Takes a while to reload, eats up the ammo, still pretty useless
for long range


Advantages: high rate of fire, adequate damage, works over long range. Many
a time last night I’d circle strafe around someone with the railgun, just popping
them with the uzi and not taking a hit myself

Disadvantages: Medium damage, you take a while to waste someone with a lot
of health or armour.

Note: this is the gun I carry around while I’m prowling around a level. It’s
very fast to fire (no spin up like the chaingun or hyperblaster), and does enough
damage to be a sensible one to carry around all the time


Ahh… memories of Doom/Doom2….

Advantages: Destruction of amazing proportions. Just blast someone with this,
let it spin up to full speed and watch them gib. To say that the rate of fire
with this weapon is high is an understatement. You can also fire in short bursts,
but in a DM I tend to prefer to just keep the trigger down and keep a bead on
the other guy.

Disadvantages: Well, at such a high rate of fire your ammo supply dwindles rapidly.
Also, if you fire a long burst, it takes time to get up to the full rate of fire,
and then it will spin-down when you stop firing or run out of ammo (the latter
being the more common problem πŸ™‚

Grenade Launcher

Advantages: A little slower rate of fire than I would have liked. It seems that
it’s not as easy to fill a hallway with grenades while running backwards away from
someone like you could in Quake. Still a good weapon though. Grenades will explode
on impact if they meet with another player, so getting one in the face when you open
a door will definately do bad things. These have a lot of power behind them, and
if you are not armoured up it’ll most likely send you down to the mat.

Disadvantages: This is bad for a close encounter-type-circle-strafing-fight. The
medium rate of fire and fact that grenades bounce and roll make it more likely
that you’ll miss, waste a grenade, or walk on the grenade yourself. Sniping
with the grenade launcher is not a good idea because unless you can hit them first
time (square on the top of the head hehehehe).

Rocket Launcher

The old king of quake weapons…

Advantages: Destructive, explosive, deadly. ’nuff said πŸ™‚

Disadvantages: id has slowed down the rate of fire and the damage this weapon
causes, making it not the most desirable weapon. If you have time to
set up for a shot, then it’s great, but because of the slow reload rate, getting
into a close corners fight with this is not recommended.

Hyper Blaster

Advantages: Like the chain gun, this delivers a high rate of fire, lots of destruction
(especially to those without armour), and some really cool graphics when it’s shots
hit the floor/walls. If you don’t fire long bursts, there is no spin-up/spin-down
to worry about.

Disadvantages: There is no spin-up time, but after you’ve stopped firing, the
gun will spin-down, causing a possibly deadly pause in your firing. Also, I have
a feeling that the hyper blaster’s damage is more due to it’s rate of fire than
actual damage per shot. But if you don’t have armour, you’ll see nothing more
than some cool yellow/orange/red streaks and then a sideways view of the floor.

Rail Gun

Advantages: Power. Hit someone with this and they are dead. Period. Gibs.
Clip them and their health is down so low that they will not want to jump any
distance for fear of losing that last bit of health.

Disadvantages: Slooooow rate of fire. This is not a "blast around the room"
weapon like the rocket launcher was. If you miss someone, there is no explosion, so
you have to be presise. This works over long distances though, so it is a great sniper
weapon (as was shown to me in the warehouse level last night).

I’d almost say that this will be the "new rocket launcher," except
that all you really have to do is circle-strafe an opponent and blast at them
with the uzi or hyper-blaster and they’ll go down fast.


Advantages: clear the room, fast, gooily, and greenly. Also a very cool
firing animation.

Disadvantages: Slow rate of fire. It takes something like ten seconds to
fire. If you can sneak in though…. πŸ™‚

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