A couple of deep thoughts on this cold December morning…

I don’t think you can write poetry for anyone but yourself. If poetry is the expression
of images or feelings, then they are your feelings, and it is quite hard to get them across to others. I
am reminded of an incident in a 100 level English class I had to take. In the poety section, we were asked
to analyze a poem by a "local author." It was a simple poem about the rain or something, and
of course the class (full of overly eager 18-19 year olds fresh out of high school) picked it apart as
much as they could. In the end, it turned out to be a member of the class, and there was no deep meaning
or what-have-you behind the poem.

I got to thinking, what would happen if one of my poems (I had The Cape
in mind), was analyzed. I have a feeling that anyone, or any group of people would tear it apart
(both for it’s merit as a poem and the content πŸ™‚ ) and make something out of it that it wasn’t…
like Stairway to Heaven and all those that have tried to pick it apart.

When I wrote that poem it was the desire, the need to get the images and feelings out
of me. Letting others read it is fine, but they will not, nor ever most likely, get the same thing from
it that I do.

Ok, enough for the deep thoughts, now for a movie review.

So I went to see Anastasia with some friends tonight. Yes, I wanted to see
the cartoon. But I wanted to see it for the graphics, not the cartoon or the singing
or the story. No, really. Anyway, the story was actually kinda good, the characters were great, and
though the story is predictable, it is lots of fun. There is the tocken good guy, good girl, love development,
bad guy, bad guy’s cohorts, etc. The best character of the movie I think was Rasputan’s cohort,
Bartok. This little bat is so good (IMHO) I think because he is so… not laid back but soft spoken.
Just his voice is enough to make you laugh, it is…. hell I can’t describe it, it’s just funny, but
because he is so monotone. I guess you could say it is because no matter what he is saying or describing
he says it in a mostly monotone, and… well, it’s funny. Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown from Back to the
), is pretty funny as Rasputan as well.

Too much singing. I don’t go to movies to hear singing, I go to movies to watch a movie. I guess in
animated movies it’s normal though.

The Graphics!!!! Oh my god they were incredible! I can’t compliment whoever
or whatever did them. Yes, there were normal looking animations, but there was also a whole lot of computer
generated stuff too. Watch the vertical-upsidedown-U pan when Anya walks up teh stairs in the abandoned
palace. It looks so cool! And any BIG piece of machinery (except the boat at the very
end) was fantastic. The train scene had me breathless, and the boat was amazing also. The clock tower
where Rasputan made plans was great, and the Pegasus was pretty 10/10 as well. A lot of the background
seemed to be computer done too, and all the shadows, reflections and so forth were done to a T. Very
computer-3d-graphics like. More info can be found

If you’re into computer graphics, go see this movie. If you are into cool movies, take a girl to see it
and she’ll think you are a sensitive guy or something while you’ll sit there marvelling at the cool computer
stuff πŸ™‚