Merry Monday.
Well, the catalog only blew up once today.
And it looks like most of myother work got done. Now I get to go home and (joy of joys)
work on morehomework. It’s java though, so it’s ok.

Had an idea for a poem too… I need to get some stuff out of my head 🙂Either that or I need a date. Speaking of which, our medallion awards arecoming up in 4 days. I have to get my car clean by then, so I can take[cute-girl-from-data-entry] there in style. At least I’ll clean out the fastfood wrappings from the backseat.

Had an… interesting weekend. Got up Friday at 6am (per normal), went toa housewarming/drunkfest at a friend from work’s place after work. I thinkI eventually got to sleep around 4-5am. I know I didn’t actually get to thebed before 3, and when I actually started to try to sleep it wasn’t gettinglight yet. I figure I got about 2 hours sleep anyway, and that’s a bigestimate. A great time was had by all anyway I think, lots of dancing,Guiness, and loud loud music. I discovered the olderwoman wanting a youngerman thing out too (NO NOT ME). One of the guys that was there(20ish) ended up with the lady upstairs (30ish). The cot I was sleeping inwas not too far below them. All I can do for this is nod and smile.

Anyway, 2 hours sleep that night, followed by a mad rush back home to changeand shower (the thought of spending the day in the same clothes I’ve wornfor a day and a night already just wasn’t attractive at all. From home backto Vancouver to meet up with Shelybean,who was out for a few days. From there back to Concha’s house for food andmovies, and I was up till 3ish. That makes 2 hours sleep in 40ish hours?Something like that. Lets just say I was rather tired. Slept in the next day.I think I was having breakfast about the time that a couple friends came over fordinner 🙂