Ok, another deep thought was just inspired. (Whohooo!).

Emotion sucks. It makes it hard to communicate clearly. How can you accurately
get exactly what you want to say to people if you have to worry about
how they interpret the way you speak, your accent, your body language, etc.I’m speaking
from a totally technical viewpoint. As far as relationships andlove and all that mushy
stuff go emotion is absolutely nessicary, though,when you are fighting or something
emotion does get in the way(not that I fight a lot of course). Maybe
this is why the internet and netzians are able to communicate so much better. The medium of
email/usenet/htmland code are not ones that are face2face, so there are no implied preducies
againstyour race, religion, age, or sex. Instead you are taken for your abilties and skills.
If you are a great coder you are taken as such, whether you are 12 or 120.
In the "Real World" you get market share, hairstyle, breast size,school
graduated from, and salary all interfering with what is going on. Someone who is perfect
for a job may get beaten out by someone who has better hair.Or a better car.
Or knows the boss better. Or is related or something. The end result is a lack of
communication. A person’s "true self"is not clearly communicated. Trying to
make a point to someone while telling bad jokes, or trying to complient them but saying the
Wrong Thing, are all perfect examples of how emotions clog the way for the real information
to get to where it should be.

And this isn’t a good thing.