Well, I’ve not been here for a while, but I figured I’d do a quick update now
I have a few minutes.

First. The ufies site is back! ufies.userfriendly.org
works again! Course, due to some magic and some advice from an unnamed source,
my old sites of ufies.ml.org and arcterex.ml.org work again too. Not that I can
get to them right now of course 🙁

Hmm… some helpful advice I was given, and shall always remember:

  1. Thou shall not date thy ex-girlfriends friends

  2. Thou shall not date the turnips friends

  3. Thou shall not use frames

  4. Thou shall not drink Canadian when there is Guiness available

  5. Thou shall attend a woman with an IQ higher than 40….

… a word for a wize….

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