Sleep. Weird stuff. Night before last I hit the sack at 11pm. Overslept when
my backup alarm didn’t go off. There is nothing so tramatizing as waking up
in the morning and trying to do math…. "ok, I work at 9…. takes a half
hour to get there… so I have to leave at 8:30… and it’s 8:19 now… so that
means.. uhm… errr… I have to leave in 10 minuters…. "

Awk, yea. To my credit, I was out the door 6 minutes or so after waking up.
Even got to work early!

This morning was a different story. I went to bed at 11-11:30 or so, and was
rudely woken up at 1:15 by my backup alarm clock. My radio-alarm said it was
1:15, but I had to make sure (nothing like stumbling around the house at 1am
looking for a clock you can trust). When I verified it was indeed 1am, I
reset the backup alarm to the right time and went back to sleep. Then I woke
up late again (not too late this time though) because the backup alarm failed.
When I looked at the time it was 1:40am or something. Might be time for a new
set of batteries methinks.

I’m thinking of inventing a new drink called the horny englishman. Whaddya

Ahh…. Christmas… I’m not sure what sort of mood I’m in. At lunch at work
I grab a bite to eat and go and park by Chilliwack river and read a book
while looking out to the mountains. The snow is creeping down the tops and
getting closer every day. The bland, black and white look of the mountains
reminds me of carefree days traipsing through the woods near the home of my
youth, prepared for any dangers that might be facing me, be it animal or white
man. Ah, nostalgia.

Lately I’ve gotten a travelling bug. Reading Shampoo Planet by
Douglas Coupland (and the protaganist’s travels to Paris) combined with my
good friend Llau heading to England and all has got me in the mood to head
out on the road. Maybe this spring I’ll
do just that. Head to London for a week and see the city.

Christmas is an ok time I guess. Over commercialized, overcroweded. No wonder
people leave their shopping to the last minute, they want to have the pain and
agony of shopping in a crowded mall over in only one go, instead of prolonging
it over many days. And even better, leave it until the last minute, so there
is no chance of going back even if you want to!

Ok, so it might be a flawed theory based on the procrastinating person I am,
but it’s my theory nonetheless.

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