3 days ago a good and dear friend of mine left here on a bold adventure across
the sea, to go to join the RAF in England, and to have a blast in her post
high school days. My love and best wishes to her. I’ll be coming to visit
I’m sure 🙂

The last few days have been very busy, but also very rewarding. We had some
training on a demo system that I have been working on for work. Well, it’s
"demoness" came out in full colors. The stuff I was working on
worked, however the areas that were shaky were the ones that were shown off.
Anyway, needless to say it sucked big time, and I was told simply "go
home and fix this," which I did. For 3 days.

So since Tuesday I’ve been coding perl like
mad, and making things work, fixing bugs/issues etc. Kinda cool except I’ve
had 0 time for anything else. Hell, even phoning friends or doing stuff like
that hasn’t been done. But on the other hand, a lot of our system that I was
not 100% confident in has now been re-written and tested hugely, which is
good. Just a couple other things to play with on sunday, and I’ll be very
happy (I just hope that the boss is too!).

Hmm…. Darren says that
he won’t be talking about his new GF, K on his page. However, have no fear
faithful reader, I will be sending anything I feel is needed information over
to you!

Argh…. non-work-work. Been working on my userfriendly fan site ufies.userfriendly.org a lot lately.
Updating, fixing little bugs, doing little additions with the perl and stuff.
I’m really quite proud of it, though I will be re-doing a bunch of the stuff
on it, like the graphics and the lack of content (though the lack of content
won’t be so much a "re-do" as a "do."

Bleah, babbling… back to fixing my system.