Wow, a 16 hour day can really get you down. I spent from 9am till 1:40 at
work. The first half of the day was spent at a clients site (grrrr)
fixing a lame-ass problem that should’ve never cropped up šŸ™, but oh
well, these things happen. The rest of the day was spent hunting bugs, and
re-writting stuff. Last bit (from quitting time till 1am) was eating pizza,
and hunting an elusive and wanky hardware problem with a PCI slot. I guess it
is true that if you eliminate all but the impossible (nic, motherboard, hd,
software), only the impossible remains. Or something like that. Bleah.
Almost all fixed now, just a named issue that we can update remotely

Last weekend was spent geeking with Iambe and WNight. We
spent the weekend geeking, fragging, eating sushi and watching bad movies (Virus). I did forget totally about
going to my folks for dinner, and my cell ran out of juice, and they had no
idea where I was. I felt really shitty about that šŸ™ The SWAT team
was alerted but luckily not called into action.

Anyway, it’s 2:15 and I have to be up to do an install for 8:30 or something
crazy, so this is me, signing off.