Talk about weird dreams. Last night I had a wacky dream, possibly brought on
by drugs (except I didn’t do any). I dreamt that I woke up and my dad was
here, getting my roommates fiance to tailor him a jacket or suit. For some
reason my roomate also suddenly had more and better computer equipment than I
(some wack ass seat thing with space age like bells and whistles all over it).
Not only that but in my dream I was late for work already, and they were
laughing at me because of it. I woke up in real life because I thought I was
already late for work to find that I still had 30 min of sleep left.
whew. Oh yea, and in my dream I returned from bombing russia in a
modified B-52 bomber, and was sneaking contraband back into the country (this
part, minus the contraband stuff, obviously came from the book Flight of
the Old Dog
, which I’m currently reading.

Oh also, I got a mention on a ramblings
. The author (Sonya) had many nice things to say about me (she used
one of my poems on the page.
I also made it onto her list of Sex in a
(#4 whohooo!).

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