Well, no remembered dreams lately , which is a good
thing because I think that there is nothing more boring than hearing about
others dreams, especially if they are a) not about you b) weird or c) only
mean something to that person.

My role as head tomatoe and codewanker for the whole UF thing is increasing. While Illiad
(the bastard) is lounging around in europe with large breasted scandinavian
women fawning all over him, I get to update the site, cartoons, etc. Of
course, controlling the site will be fun too :-). Ok, I promise not to put
the doctored pics of him in bondage gear up right away. I was going
to write an update script for him, but apparently another guy (Foot_Note) beat
me too it. I think that if it works I owe him a big thing of thanks. If it
breaks everything of course, I’ll have to administer a beating 🙂

Things have been busy here lately. I have about 3 terminals open with code in
them, waiting to be finished up…. or started. Hopefully tonight and this
weekend I’ll have some time to finish up the code and a couple of new pages I
want to throw up. I got a suggestion for a page for Cornelious, and I think I
could make a really funny/cute one (playboy format, turn ons, turn offs, etc).
It’s just finding the time to do it.

Mental note: Don’t forget to update UF every night. Forgetting would be a
bad thing.

I’m going to be going to the auto show this weekend with some friends. I’ll
be missing (darn gee whiz) the Motely Crue concert that I was invited with.
This is all taking away precious coding time mind you, but hey, such is

Hmm…. oh yea, the excersie thing. I havne’t noticed any weight loss (unless
the weight I’m losing is being turned into muscle, but that’s ok), but I think
that my arms are getting back up there for climbing. Drinking water all day
and going to bed at a reasonable hour is actually making me feel better. I
just need another 8 hours or so tacked onto the day for extra sleep. Running
still sucks though <g>. Here is some things I’ve learned that I felt
like I should pass on.

  • Don’t stop. No, really, don’t. Even though every logical bit of your
    brain says that it would feel good to stop, and it would be
    good to stop, it’s wrong. I made the mistake of stopping
    to tie my shoelace and discovered that my legs stopped working when I
    started moving again.
  • Running at night is nice, as long as the cars are coming from behind.
    This allows you to actually see where you are going from the headlights.
  • Cars coming from ahead of you is a bad thing… blinding someone who
    can’t see where they are going is not suggested.
  • If you wear glasses, you’ll find that you have an extra incentive to
    keep running… if you stop or slow down (remember what I said about
    stopping?) they fog up, making it even harder to see.
  • I’d include a picture of the route that I run, but it would just be a
    black square. Rumor has it that it’s actually a nice country road, but I
    don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the daylight.
  • Running with a clear sky is nice… just point yourself at the moon or
    a star and keep going.
  • Why is there someone that keeps on honking at me when they drive by
    me? Unless they mistake me for a pretty female runner (not likely in my
    baggy green sweats and grad sweatshirt), or a sexy male runner (again, I’m
    anything but attractive while panting along).