Well, today pretty much blew. However, I am going climbing tomorrow, and the
doc called and got me a surgery appointment this monday (3 days instead of 3
weeks) which is much better than the april 22 or so date that was originally
set. However when talking to a friend of mine tonight at the dance club I
went to, she said that the gallbladder was needed to pee, and the doc clearly
said that it was a “useless” part and was going to be removed. Not that
peeing is something that I really enjoy, I do understand that it is an
important part of staying alive, so I’d rather not lose that ability.
Apparently there are sonic techniques to nuke the gallstones without cutting
or anything, just cool jiggily tummy movements, too, I wonder if that is an
option? Course, I have faith in the doctors, and I’m sure if they say it has
to come out it has to come out.

I went to a dance club tonight with some friends, had a blast, and I
didn’t spend a cent. Drinking coke and water is free, or at
least the bartenders figured that I should have it free (designated driver or
something). I was a designated driver of course, but only for
myself 🙂